Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

All over the house I have little scraps of paper with words to live by. A cute saying I've heard on tv, or a quote Ive read in a magazine. Last year I met a sweet woman neamed Heather who can make these quotes come to life with her Vinyl Wall Art.
You've seen it everywhere; children's room decor, Home is where the heart is sayings... I LOVE IT! I found Heather again this last winter showcasing her vinyl and she was personalizing Christmas ornaments. They were absolutely fantastic! My 8 year old son Damian had one done with his name in a flaming font.
In the last year I've bought about 4 designs from Heather. I finally put one up in my family room and the room finally seemed more personal. It went on so easy and STRAIGHT! HA! Now when I fianlly decide on a paint color for the front room and my sewing studio, then I will put up the rest. IF you are interested in ordering from Heather, here is a link to her site. Another thing, her turn around time is SO FAST!

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