Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here a clutch, there a clutch...

Everywhere a clutch clutch! It is a MUST HAVE item the day of your wedding. Also a wonderful keepsake gift for your bridal party. I've produced about 20 clutches in the last 4 weeks, and I love hoe unique they all are. What makes my design stand out is a unique style...AND I will custom embroider the bride and groom's names and wedding date on the inside liner. OR, if this is for a bridal attendant, then it is very appropriate for the liner to say, LOVE, LORI, or VANESSA or YOUR NAME HERE, LOL

I have my clutches available in ANY color satin or print. Shoot me an email if your ever in the need for a clutch! I'm also starting my line of small leather hand bags and clutches. I found this AMAZING little shop that carries gorgeous and hard to find colors of genuine leather, no vinyl here ladies. Also, I'm always open to suggestions, so send me a comment if there's a color combo you'd like to see. THANKS! L

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To be a bridesmaid...

Always a bridesmaid... I WISH! There are so many options out there for todays bridal party that I am truly envious. I was a bridesmaid in my mother's wedding back in 1995 and let me tell you, it was gross. I personally love the infinity convertible dress. It goes from an afternoon lunch to a wedding reception by just readjusting the straps. I have one myself that i tweaked and worked over until I had it master and didn't expose myself which isn't hard to do. I've made SO MANY of these for other women and have never had a bad review.
The other pics I have posted are other bridal options and other gowns I've recently worked on as well as my line of bridal clutches. These are a wonderful keepsake for yourself and your bridal party. I add a personal message on the inside, simply "Love, Lori" or "Love, Vanessa" I also do this on all of the bridesmaid dresses. It helps when they recieve them so as not to be confused or "you have my gown!" LOL Here's the pics!

Jennifer's Wedding 2009

I worked with an amazing bride who was both planning an amazing wedding, AND expecting her first child. Well everyone, she pulled it off fabulously, and here are a few pics of here in her custom Beneath The Willow Bridal Couture. She wanted something very light, as it can get VERY hot here in July (well everywhere), and also something that was traditional bridal attire. She opted for a taffeta liner and chiffon overlay, so this was a dream as far as weight. I did my embroidered train with a faux liner so the liner was only in the back. This has 2 functions, 2 protect the gown from soil damage as well as creating a canvas for me to embroider her personalization on. THANKS JENN! Now comes baby! :) PLease contact me if you are interested in a similar gown.