Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So excited!

I've been working like a wild woman around here. After Christmas is over, there's an odd feeling throughout the house, a sort of disappointment. All the excitement is over, the decorations are gone, and wrapping paper has been recycled. NOW WHAT. So immediately, I looked at my stash of paints. It's time to brighten up the place. So I "shopped the house" (going through your OWN junk to see what you can repurpose) and I was surprised with what I found.
So once I get my pictures up, I'll post a description and the time. Hopefully you can find some fun stuff in your own house to remake!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ode to a budget bride

What can you get for $5,000? Today, not very much. When the bulk of your budget goes to the wedding gown and the venue, there's really no room for anything else. In some cultures it's a tradition to have family members and close friends sponsor certain wedding items such as the champagne flutes, the bible and the dance hall. But personally I think it's kind of tacky. Plus you might also get stuck with accessories that aren't really your taste.
If you can book a venue that provides tables, tableware, linens and a kitchen, this is the best way to go, you can save thousand of dollars just by shopping around.
Don't think that your local floral shop is the only place to get your arrangements. Grocery stores and Costco have high quality flowers at unbeatable prices. Personally I love the look of curly willow branches. It gives you regal height, and NO COST. Depending on your area, SOME ONE you know has a willow tree or in southern states a manzanilla tree or bush. I will be posting a few pics of affordable arrangements that your friends can help you put together a day before the wedding.
While on a tight budget you really need to prioritize. What is the most important aspect of your wedding? Having amazing flowers, or having a sit down dinner? In most cases you're going to have to sacrifice in some areas.
As far as wedding favors for the guests, this can become quite outrageous depending on your imagination. Unless it is edible, it will eventually make it's way to someone's trash can along the way. One great idea is to put a small treat into pillow pouches. That way when the guests are making their exit, they can just stop at the favor table and take one pouch. Now tradition says it's one item per guest, not per couple, so make not of this, you don't want to end up short on favors.

These are a few of my favorite things that guests actually like to receive. PLANTABLES. A bulb, or if you're going for an eco friendly theme, a plantable heart with seeds embedded into the paper. This looks great hanging from a tree and they just pluck off their favor. The bulbs can be in affordable paper packaging helping to tie in your color scheme.
EDIBLES. As I've mentioned before, this is a guest favorite. Chocolate dipped oreos that are drizzled with your coordinating color and are on a stick and wrapped like a lollipop. Custom fortune cookies. These are available with or without the take out boxes and the paper boxes can also tie in your color scheme as well. A bag of toasted peanuts in a paper bon bon pouch or once again the take out box with the tag that says We're just NUTS that you joined us on your wedding day! Or we're just NUTS about each other, etc... Get creative here ladies! :) All of these can be done for a dollar or less per guest and that's about as affordable as you're going to get on a budget where you still want quality to rein.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winter Collection 2009

I just love the look of leggings and hoodies on little girls during the winter. They look absolutely snuggly! Here's a few pics of my latest. I asked a friend of mine to paint me a pair Grinch themed boots, and they are just amazing! They are no longer available for purchase, but I needed to share their uniqueness. I will also be listing a leopard Santa set early next week, check back then for more!
On Friday I will be announcing the winner of my Shortcake giveaway.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Strawberry shortcake photo drawing, FREE DRESS!

HI EVERYONE! Don't you just love this sweet photo of Samantha Shortcake! These are her birthday photos showing one version of my adorable set. This is available on etsy where I've sold over 2 dozen sets, I've been very busy! Most sets are shipping out this week, with the last few orders going out early next week. I also have the new modern version of miss thang herself with a new twist on it, thanks to a special order.
WOnderful thing about this set as most of you know, it can be worn long after the Halloween party. The under dress is looks wonderful with cozy knit tights and boots for a great winter look.
I'm offering a free peasant dress chosen by a random drawing, to enter, you need to become a follower of my blog, and send me a photo of your little girl wearing my complete set, and full body shots. I'll try to post them over on the blog when I get several of them, and on November 7, a winner will be chosen!
OH! Here's another wonderful wristlet clutch, I love this one for those Christmas banquets we dread getting dressed up for, but you know, I enjoy myself once I'm there.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A few new clutches

Gifting members of your bridal party with something useful can really brighten your spirit. These clutches and the tote bag trio were all items to be given as gifts to faithful members of their respective bridal parties.
None of them are too trendy that they'll be outdated in a year or two. I personally love the whimsy of the aqua and red dotted clutch. Maybe I'll gift myself with one of these. I had several clients come over when I was working on these and they all gasped at the clever color combo and how it came to life in this clutch.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here a clutch, there a clutch...

Everywhere a clutch clutch! It is a MUST HAVE item the day of your wedding. Also a wonderful keepsake gift for your bridal party. I've produced about 20 clutches in the last 4 weeks, and I love hoe unique they all are. What makes my design stand out is a unique style...AND I will custom embroider the bride and groom's names and wedding date on the inside liner. OR, if this is for a bridal attendant, then it is very appropriate for the liner to say, LOVE, LORI, or VANESSA or YOUR NAME HERE, LOL

I have my clutches available in ANY color satin or print. Shoot me an email if your ever in the need for a clutch! I'm also starting my line of small leather hand bags and clutches. I found this AMAZING little shop that carries gorgeous and hard to find colors of genuine leather, no vinyl here ladies. Also, I'm always open to suggestions, so send me a comment if there's a color combo you'd like to see. THANKS! L

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To be a bridesmaid...

Always a bridesmaid... I WISH! There are so many options out there for todays bridal party that I am truly envious. I was a bridesmaid in my mother's wedding back in 1995 and let me tell you, it was gross. I personally love the infinity convertible dress. It goes from an afternoon lunch to a wedding reception by just readjusting the straps. I have one myself that i tweaked and worked over until I had it master and didn't expose myself which isn't hard to do. I've made SO MANY of these for other women and have never had a bad review.
The other pics I have posted are other bridal options and other gowns I've recently worked on as well as my line of bridal clutches. These are a wonderful keepsake for yourself and your bridal party. I add a personal message on the inside, simply "Love, Lori" or "Love, Vanessa" I also do this on all of the bridesmaid dresses. It helps when they recieve them so as not to be confused or "you have my gown!" LOL Here's the pics!