Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Strawberry shortcake photo drawing, FREE DRESS!

HI EVERYONE! Don't you just love this sweet photo of Samantha Shortcake! These are her birthday photos showing one version of my adorable set. This is available on etsy where I've sold over 2 dozen sets, I've been very busy! Most sets are shipping out this week, with the last few orders going out early next week. I also have the new modern version of miss thang herself with a new twist on it, thanks to a special order.
WOnderful thing about this set as most of you know, it can be worn long after the Halloween party. The under dress is looks wonderful with cozy knit tights and boots for a great winter look.
I'm offering a free peasant dress chosen by a random drawing, to enter, you need to become a follower of my blog, and send me a photo of your little girl wearing my complete set, and full body shots. I'll try to post them over on the blog when I get several of them, and on November 7, a winner will be chosen!
OH! Here's another wonderful wristlet clutch, I love this one for those Christmas banquets we dread getting dressed up for, but you know, I enjoy myself once I'm there.

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