Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Just when I thought it was almost spring we get another snowfall. Now I don't usually mind the snow, exceptfor when Ruben has to drive over the pass to Seattle, and when I have to try and convince my customers that my newest sets are for spring when there is snow in the yard!
So here are a few pics, I really love the comfort of the cherry knit set. The knit is absolutely LUXE! This is available in a size 2T to an 8. Kyla is a finicky little girl and half of the stuff I make for her she has some knit picky thing to say. Wrong color, she doesn't like flowers, where is the pink.... but my spring collection she is really into.

Another thing... When I am trying to click on the blog thingy add pciture, it won't let me....it just goes to saving. Anyone wanna give me a tip, it's flipping annoying me!!

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