Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Joey...

Today my younger brother Joey turns 23. i may be his oldest sibling, but he truly inspires me. He is FREE.
When I think of what he does, the way he lives and what he has to offer the world, I am in awe. It makes me think of my life as a little bubble and him a big bouncy ball, capable of taking on any obstacle. He has a quick wit, is charming and handsome. Nothing at all like the annoying little brother I grew up with (SORRY ABOTU DRESSING YOU UP AS A PRINCESS!). Today, he spent most of his day at college, studying, going to Starbucks and feeling uncelebrated.

for a pic of joey and his big sis LORA, scroll to the bottom of the screen. I think this may be the only pic that I have of us as adults. I just pulled it out of a drawer and took a picture of a picture! LOVE IT! :)

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