Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It worked!

Okay so I tried fusing the plastic bags and it worked! Usually when I try something new like this I make a total mess and it works for everyone but me. I cut the front of the back off so all I had were white panels, no store name visible. Later on this afternoon I put together a new carpet bag pattern I've been drafting. I used my new fused plastic as a liner. Alright I'm thinking, this looks pretty good. Now the true test:
The washing machine. So I toss it in, I'm an abuser, LOL, so I put it on regualr cycle, no gentle for this item. Cycle is over, I take it out and it looks just like it should. It didn't fall apart, so then, I stick it in the dryer. Yes! I put plastic in the dryer!! But that is the only way to test and see if this is something that can really stand the abuse that diaper bags and mommy things go through. Alas, it looks pretty darn good. I'm impressed with myself and new new found skill. If course no I have a fresh from the dryer that needs ironing, but there is no way I'm going to iron it at this point. game over, I win.


  1. Cool laura! And nice tutorial BTW!

  2. Very neat! I came across doing that a while back and have always wanted to try it out! awesome tutorial too! how fun! Ok, now I have to go try.